When it comes to the world of dating, there is always such a wealth of information and knowledge that we have to process in our brains.  Whether you are a man or woman, this applies to anyone and everyone out there looking to meet their mate per se.

Not everyone has a type, yet it almost feels like there is a basic criteria that goes through your brain when trying to get a sense of the other person.  Who is he/she?  What makes him/her tick or laugh?  How sensitive or emotional is that person?  Is the personality super serious or aloof?  What do you both like to do for fun?  The list goes on and on because everyone will have different areas he or she wants to explore when it comes to finding “The One”.

In the link to article below, it talks about what guys look for when meeting that special gal – don’t overdo it, take it slow, confidence, and ladies don’t have that salad at the table!

At the end of the day, it is all about being yourself!  That is the person your mate will fall in love with!

Please share your input and tell us what you look for in the dating world.  Perhaps you may have tips or advice to add to this.

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