Have you ever wondered what attraction really brings two people together?  Or was it a physical or emotional connection?  Is it possible that it happened as a chance encounter or with someone you’ve known for a long time?  What is it about that attraction leading to sparks?  So many questions and topics related to attraction.  It is a very grey area when you think about it, and yes, Christian Grey can pop up in this thought!

What about those who strictly base it on physical chemistry, a particular type?  There are men who like blonde, blue-eyed voluptuous women, and there are women who like men with an incredible six-pack of abs.  Most of the time, people attracted by type tend to stay at this train of thought.  Does it mean they may be open to exploring other physical types?  Who knows – maybe it can be as simple as how taste buds evolve over time?

On the opposite side of the spectrum are those attracted to the brains, beauty and wisdom of their partner.  This poses a stronger, more meaningful attraction with the hopes of leading to a longer lasting relationship.  Don’t you want to have a strong connection with your partner?  Wouldn’t it feel easier creating that intimacy between two people?

I tend to think beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Call me a hopeful, closet romantic.  I would like to think that I am somewhat simple in thought while complicated in other ways.

Take a look at the link to the article below, and share your thoughts on here.  What attracts you?

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