Royal Wedding


Yesterday the world came together to watch the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and now Princess Meghan – now known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  It was a day that marked a lot of symbolism, set new precedents and a day of remembrance.  A day like this is what almost every woman dreams of – the day she marries her own Prince Charming!

Symbolism was marked by little things like the veil having the 53 countries of the commonwealth sewn into the pattern.

New precedent was set being that the bride is bi-racial, and a first for all Royal Families.  She broke new ground, and will continue to do so.

A day of remembrance in honor of Princess Diana because her youngest son married.  The aquamarine ring Harry gave Meghan that belonged to Diana prior to the evening reception.

As grand of a day it was, this wedding was more low-key in the sense that there were no political figures invited.  Yes, there were a lot of celebrities; however, it showed that the day was more about only them.  That speaks volumes because they did it their way, and with Queen’s approval of course!

The season has now officially begun. With all the future brides out there, the ladies are all taking notice and cues.  This wedding will serve as a guide for what is to come.

Below are the links to the Royal Wedding recap – good trivia to be made as well!

By the way – lest we forget the kiss!!

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