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As we closed one year and entered another, what New Year’s resolutions did you make for yourself or with your other half?

It is a time of self-reflecting, making new goals and promises.  I enjoy taking the time to walk around home with a burning white sage, and have a conversation with myself.   That quiet time allows one to collect thoughts, problem solve, and figure out which direction you wish to travel.  Having a private heart-to-heart conversation with oneself can also be therapeutic, including to eliminate all the negativity in the air.

Just because it is a new year, does not mean you have to do this once a year.  Do it as often as you feel it would work for you!

Speaking of resolutions and goals, below is the link to an article which talks about relationship goals where couples can do things together – lose weight, learn to cook,  get fit, date night.

To add a bit of humor to this, there is another link to the Latina Mom’s During New Year’s Eve.

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