Deal Breakers


Meeting and getting to know that new, special someone can be exciting when starting a relationship.  As time progresses, you see their strengths and weaknesses, good and bad habits, perhaps even the true colors come out.  Granted, most people have some sort of a mental checklist in his/her minds outlining their criteria.  Hence, the phrase deal breakers comes into play.

It almost sounds Fifty Shades cliche like, yet when a hard line comes up – what are you willing to accept to stay in it?

  1. Are you willing to forgo and accept the other person’s flaws per se?
  2. Are you willing to discuss and find a way to compromise and come to an understanding?
  3. What if the relationship goes to the next level, and you realize it’s time to renegotiate terms?
  4. Are you still willing to stay after all the time and effort put in, or realize as hard as it is to close the book on the chapter?
  5. How do you know if you made the right decision?

Below is the link to an interesting article on deal breakers in relationships.

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