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Life has changed dramatically over the last fifty years.  Between technological advances and cultural shifts, our lives have evolved into a new normal.  If you went back those fifty years, people were not capable of handling all the changes that we have embraced today.  From online dating to marriage to telecommuting for work, it would be very interesting to see what the next fifty years has in store for us.

One area that has definitely changed is the amount of time spent on business travel.  Millions of people travel each year for work both domestic and international.  It takes a toll and a big component in any relationship.  Sometimes the amount of travel may be the deal breaker.  At the same time, what helps in today’s world is Skype, Facetime, any type of video conferencing technology which allows couples to see each other per se.  Is it the ideal solution?  Not exactly, yet if both parties in the relationship are willing to tango and work on it – then you have success!

See the link below to the article – very interesting while it cites all the pros and cons.  It is simply more information to learn about in today’s dating world.

As you are reading this, you will find our website is newly launched.  Obviously, it will take time to build a following which I hope will catch on sooner than later.  My goal is to share many different topics to start a dialogue here.  Sharing your dating stories and relationship challenges will help and inspire others as well as promote a place for all to come together and simply “talk”.

Please start sharing your comments below and on social media to start the dialogue.

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  1. SamanthaIAm 2 years ago

    Food for thought. Every time the other half leaves – yes, will tend to be lonely at times.

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