Average Time Dating to Marriage

Couples Date Before Marriage – More Time Before Taking the Plunge

Summer is starting and wedding season is about to go into full swing.  This year it kicked off with Prince Harry and Meghan.  What is interesting is how couples are taking time before taking the plunge into marriage.

Back in our parents and grandparents generation, it was customary as to what age and status couples were joined in holy matrimony.  Life was so different then, especially simpler.  It was the basic American Dream.

  1. Meet your sweetheart in high school or college.
  2. Get married and buy the starter home
  3. Husband is the bread winner while managing the mainframe
  4. Wife runs the household while raising the kids

Today, there are so many factors that attribute to the equation.  Couples are taking more time to get to know one another.  Financial situations are being resolved prior.  Focus on the career for stability.  It is about making sure the timing is right, and entering that commitment with the feeling that this “union” is the right one.

Very fitting for today’s society, and how life evolves.

Please see the link below to the article which goes into more depth regarding this subject matter.

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