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The previous post was about women and their quest for body acceptance.  Now it is time to give equal exposure to the male species.  Seems this trend is having an impact on men as well.  Below are two links to very different articles which reach different extremes.

On one end, there is discussion of the average male and their challenges and views to simply fit in.  It explores areas of all shapes and sizes.  After all, we are merely human beings looking for that little thing that makes us feel good.

At the other end of the spectrum is an article which is incredibly unusual, yet felt compelled to share.  Over the last 10-20 years (maybe more), there has been an infatuation with plastic surgery.  Some people who are not happy with their appearances will go the limit in exploring this route.  Most interesting is the affect it has had on males – a trend continuing on the rise for them.  The question is how far are you willing to go to get that look – becoming the human Ken doll?

I would be very interested for people to comment on here with their opinions on such subject matter.

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