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Being in any relationship has it’s ups and downs.  At any stage, encountering stressful situations can pose challenges.  If both of you are willing to tango, then it is possible to get through and weather the storm.

Life is so hectic – work, friends, family, travel, technology.  There are so many things to juggle in this generation that sometimes there are not enough hours in the day.

When entering any relationship, honesty is the best policy!  If a problem arises between both, the fact that you are both willing to sit and tackle the problem shows how committed you are to each other.  Of course, there will be times when you hit that bump in the road.  Getting through that road, crossing the speed bump or traffic light means you can weather almost anything.  Communication is key and vital in keeping a relationship going.  Understanding the other person – their likes, dislikes, pet peeves, respecting their beliefs among other things shows your love.  Your willingness to do anything to make it work is inherent.

The biggest mistake people sometimes make is walking away too soon, and not willing to talk it out to move forward.  Does this mean you don’t care or love the other person?  Granted sometimes space and time is important, you want to know how to save the relationship.  You want to be able to sleep at night, knowing everything is going to be alright and can move forward.  So much time and energy has been invested the relationship that parting in sweet sorrow is not necessarily the right decision.

How much do you believe in love and to what extent are you willing to make a relationship work, even in these stressful situations?

Do you love the other person enough as you say you do?

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