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As we grow wiser with life and its experiences, dating tends to become more a challenge.  Why?  It is because we have become more set in our ways, knowing what we look for in relationships.  While it’s nice to spend time fooling around with your potential partner, the notion of taking the plunge to the next level has more meaning – at least to most.  The typical questions set in your mind as to wondering when is the time for that sexual energy to emerge to full throttle – first date, third date, ninety days as Steve Harvey would say.

In reality, the best advice I can think of is simply go with your gut instinct and communication with your partner.  If you can both openly talk about the physical and sexual nature of your relationship, then you know you may have something worthwhile.  Being able to know what the other one likes and desires is a key component.  The test becomes how to fulfill it on both sides.  It is the ability and the willingness to explore each other on your own timetable that makes it complete.  Both your hearts and minds align, and know when the time is right to finally do it per se.

Check out the article below for more food for thought on this.

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