Communication in the Relationship


Finding the right partner and having great communication is essential when it come to building that relationship.  The most important part of laying that foundation is having the ability to open up and actually talk with your partner.  It can be anything from chit-chat to your most intimate desires.  Being able to freely open your mouth and express yourself is so critical, and yet such a strong aspect of intimacy.  There becomes a comfort level between both.

The intimacy that grows from this communication is both fostered in and out of the bedroom.  You have someone by your side that accepts you for who you are.  They love your humor, energy, understand your strengths and weaknesses, is supportive.  Combine that with they love you with or without your clothes on, and with or without your makeup on.  Everything is an amazing turn on where you really grow and have those deep feelings.

As much as love has been fostering, there will be bumps in the road.  It sounds difficult, yet you should be prepared to make the effort to listen to your partner.  Be strong enough to point out these bumps, and be willing to sit and discuss rationally.  If you both light up each others’ lives, then be open to listening and talking the issues through.  This is how you really build something so loving, trusting, and long-lasting.

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