SHARE Your Dating Stories - Who We Are

SHARE Your Dating Stories – Who We Are

The explosion of social media and technology has brought our lives the internet, email, smartphones, text, instant messaging, social media, and of course, dating websites.  Now, we are providing you the opportunity to SHARE Your Dating Stories with other members.

Dating has evolved from being primitive and pure to living life at the click of the mouse.  The premise of meeting people “face-to-face” was fun because we took the time to get to know the other person.  In today’s world, most people spend time browsing online profiles in the hopes of finding the ONE.

As a result, what used to be getting married for life has become a melting pot of different statuses:  single, long-term, living together, married, married with separate living quarters, separated, divorced, widowed, and the list goes on.  If you make it past a certain milestone in today’s age, then you are applauded for your relationship success.  The concept of dating has drastically evolved from simple to complicated!

In cyberspace, there is a variation of dating websites full of profiles, matchmaking services, blogs offering advice, newsletters with events and singles travel, and websites that thrive on dating horror stories.  What seems to be lacking is an interactive social media platform.  A place where people can come together to discuss and learn from each other about one’s dating and relationship experiences to get inspired, and form positive experiences for the future.

SHARE Your Dating Stories – What Is Our Goal

SHARE Your Dating Stories would like to be that interactive social media platform.  Our goal is about bringing people together to discuss and learn from each other about their dating stories and experiences.

We are just beginning to scratch the surface with its initial creation and launch.  Therefore, only time will tell through your feedback and participation how this website moves forward.  In addition, it will help form what direction it is headed towards.  We hope you enjoy the experience as much as the time and energy spent creating this website.



Please send us an email with your comments, and we shall respond in a timely manner.


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